Welcome to Our Slice of Heaven.....

Our facility is located on Illinois Route 130, just south of Parkersburg, IL. We built a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse in late 2015. Lettuce is our main crop, but we also grow other leafy greens, including kale, collards, and spinach, as well as sweet basil. Some products may only be offered on a seasonal basis. Our quonset style greenhouse houses a 30' x 128' growing area, in which the environment is tightly controlled to maintain optimal growing conditions. Plants receive all nutrients through a mineral nutrient solution that continually bathes the root system. 


We would love to show you around! Scheduled group tours can be arranged by contacting us.

Some Interesting Facts....

  • Growing lettuce hydroponically in a greenhouse uses only 1/4 the amount of water traditional crops use.

  • There are over 6000 holes in our greenhouse, so we can harvest around 1000 heads of lettuce/week.

  • We have installed insect exclusion practices (netting over openings, air curtain upon entry) to prevent bugs from entering the facility. 

  • Lettuce is grown with the proper nutrients in their optimal levels. Also, a small root wad is left on the lettuce after harvest. Both of these practices will help the lettuce to maintain freshness and provide a longer shelf life. Average refrigerator life is 2-3 weeks!!