The Spray's

Andrew & Heather Spray are the owners of Joy Lane Produce.


Heather grew up on her family's farm (Clodfelter Farms) and married her high school sweetheart. Both Heather and Andrew have a passion for agriculture, and wanted to expand the farm for the next generation. After much research, they decided to build a hydroponic greenhouse to provide fresh, high quality produce for the local food market. 


Andrew has a bachelor's degree in Plant & Soil Science from Southern Illinois University, while Heather has a master's degree in Crop Science from the University of Illinois. 


They are active in their church and community. They are involved in Farm Bureau and received the Illinois Excellence in Agriculture Award in 2018. Andrew serves on the local school board and Heather serves as treasurer of the local community athletic association. 


They have two young sons who love to spend time on the farm.